Wonders of Watermelon


It’s officially summer! Time for watermelon! What’s so wonderful about watermelon, you may ask? Let me tell you!

Watermelon does more than cool you off on a sizzling summer day- it can also help you get fit!

Watermelon straight from the fridge is a crisp and dripping-down-your-chin juicy treat. The melon is known for its subtle sweet flavor and juiciness that bursts in your mouth…but did you know that its health benefits match its great taste?

Watermelon is loaded with vitamin C and has almost twice as much lycopene as a tomato. But what makes watermelon truly special is the citrulline found in its pink flesh. Citrulline has been proven to help you work out more intensely and speed up your recovery time. Try drinking 2 cups of watermelon juice before a workout to reduce the likelihood of sore muscles.

Watermelon is also known for helping to relax blood vessels and may be good for your blood pressure.

So, now that you know how great watermelon is, are you up for a playful challenge? Try going beyond the wedge! Try using watermelon in a different way.

Some ideas:

1) Use it in savory dishes like a salad with red onion, basil and balsamic vinegar. (Try my recipe here)

2) Make watermelon salsa with diced avocado, scallions, and jalapenos.

3) Blend it with cucumber, lime juice, and ice for a refreshing smoothie.

No matter how you choose to enjoy watermelon this season, it just won’t feel quite like summer until you’re spitting out seeds 🙂

Let me know how you like your watermelon.


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